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About Us

SAVI Communications is a group of four Certified SAVI trainers who have come together to support the dissemination of SAVI in the larger world in a proactive and committed way. We represent the intention of the developers of SAVI Anita Simon and Yvonne Agazarian to make SAVI ideas and training available to the public, while protecting the intellectual integrity of the system and the values that guide its use.

To do this, we perform a number of functions on an ongoing basis:

  • maintain the integrity of SAVI theory, the accuracy of SAVI-related publications, and the values underlying SAVI teaching and practice
  • operate the SAVI Certification Program, with responsibility for training, mentoring, evaluating, and certifying new SAVI trainers
  • support researchers interested in using SAVI as an observation system
  • make trademarked SAVI materials available to the broader SAVI community and to the public

We work together to explore ways to increase awareness of SAVI and broaden its use in educational, clinical, business, nonprofit and personal settings.

Ben Benjamin

Claudia Byram

Fran Carter

Amy Yeager

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SAVI® was developed by Yvonne Agazarian and Anita Simon.
SAVI® is a registered trademark of Claudia Byram & Frances Carter.
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